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Buckden - A Huntingdonshire Village. Buckden Local History Society Publication 2010 (4)

A photograph of most of the producing book group of the Buckden Local History Society Publication, 'Buckden - A Huntingdonshire Village', released in 2010.

This photo was taken at the book launch on 12th April 2010 in the Buckden Community Centre (aka. the Village Hall).  The people are (L-R): Peter Ibbett, Barry Jobling, Robin Gibson, Mike Storey, David Thomas, Sue Edgington, Clive Thompson, David Paul, Les Button and Eric Nash.

They helped produce this excellent 230 page hardback book on quality paper, including a very detailed A-Z section which comprises almost half the book, maps, both coloured and black and white images and well written chapters on all aspects of the history of this special village on the Great North Road from Roman times to date.

Copies may still be obtained at:  for £10 per copy plus P&P.