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Buckden Manor House, Church Street, Manor Gardens, Glebe Lane, Stirtloe, Great Ouse, September 2012

Buckden manor house seen from the church tower parapet. The lower central section wall facing Church Street (cars parked in front) has traces dating to the 13th century. The main structure was updated in the early 17th century including the black door behind the silver car and the west wing perpendicular to the road. The left section was an addition and barn built later in the 17th century.

The 1970s houses beyond the manor house are in Manor Gardens, Glebe Lane and Cranfield Way. The hamlet of Stirtloe is visible in front of the large trees on the right distance. In the left distance can be seen one of several gravel pits, and the track of the optimistically named River Great Ouse is visible by a line of trees running right to left below the horizon just beyond the gravel pits.