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Buckden Towers Palace, Knot Garden, September 2012

A view of Buckden Towers as seen from the Queen Katherine Knot Garden viewing mound.

The red brick building on the left is the Inner Gatehouse of the Palace of the Bishops of Lincoln and to the right is the Great Tower, both built c1485-90. Behind the large central tree is the Victorian mansion built for James Marshall in 1872 and the Roman Catholic church of St. Hugh opened in 1959.

Formerly the kitchen garden of the Towers the foreground area was designed and laid out by William Dawson, with the help of men from Littlehay prison at nearby Perry, from 1992 to 1995. It is dedicated to Queen Katherine of Aragon who was held here in 1533/4 and it recreates fine designs of a Tudor knot garden with many 16th century herbs and flowers represented.

It is still maintained by members of the Friends of Buckden Towers and may be viewed by application at the Victorian house main office of the Towers, owned by the Roman Catholic Claretian Missionaries since 1956.