Waterloo House, Eynesbury, around 1901-1909

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  • The houses in Waterloo drive aren’t on the site of Waterloo house. Waterloo house was at the bottom of Waterloo drive next to the Cambridgeshire Hunter pub (regularly frequented by my father). Waterloo drive houses and potton Road house were built as power station houses during the war and were built entirely of brick and concrete with flat rooves and air raid shelters. Numbers 1 to 18 were known as millionaires drive as that was where the charge engineers at lt barford power station were housed (but those who lived there, including us, were far from millionaires!). The old drive had a grass ‘bull ring’ at the top and one old lamp post. As it was classed as a private road, no ice cream vans were allowed but we did have Mr Humphreys and his horse Prince bring the veggies on Saturday mornings and us kids would ride on his cart down the drive. The Midnight Baker would come in his can on thursdays to deliver bread, usually around 10pm. Good memories of bonfire parties at number 9, number 10 and number 4!

    By Susi Cave (nee North) (08/10/2017)
  • Thanks for your comments. The houses in Waterloo Drive were built on part of the land around Waterloo House on the east side of Berkley Street while the Cambridgeshire Hunter was on the opposite side of Berkley Street.

    By sue (14/10/2017)

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